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Rebranding of the company logo and corporate identity.
For MARSNAB company.



MARSNAB is a cumulation of highly professional specialists for technical ship supply service, operation and maintenance of marine vessels. The working process consists of the sale and supply of ship spare parts, consumables, equipment and assemblies, for various vessel types for any parts of the ship and mechanisms. Our Clients are shipping and fishing companies, as well as companies involved in the operation, maintenance and technical ships supply, as well as shiprepair yards.


The main priorities for MARSNAB are the quality of the supplied spare parts and prompt performance of the orders. The staff's high professionalism, wide work experience, urgent inquiry processing and offer quoting, efficiency of the orders performing, technical support and consulting, individual approach for each Client are the main points characterizing our work style. 

The company has high reliability as a service provider in the delivery of ship spare parts and ample opportunity for logistics solutions to be shipped by air, truck or sea freight worldwide. 

The company concept is based on the development and expansion of its sphere of activity, ensuring further alignment of available resources and capacities with the external and internal environment. Expansion of warehouse nomenclature, both in Portugal and eastern Russia, in Vladivostok.

From idea to implementation.